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Kyler Murray and Phil Mickelson form dress-shirt dream team for Super Bowl week

January 29, 2019
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Forget Brady and Gronk, Donald and Suh. Step aside Sean McVay and the NFL Officiating Office, Bill Belichick and Satan himself. The best duo of Super Bowl week isn't on the field or the sideline, but in some luxury box deep with Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray and sleeve enthusiast Phil Mickelson have teamed up with Mizzen + Main for a week of buttoned-up bliss:

You'll remember Mizzen + Main, of course, from such hits like...

...and now the most exciting dual-sport athlete since Primetime is set to suit up in the finest moisture-wicking, non-iron menswear your associate investment analyst's salary can buy. As part of the new collaboration you will find fire-emoji looks such as...

Start-Up Kyler


Martha's Vineyard Kyler


Business Happens on the Course Kyler



Expect retina-cauterizing amounts of gingham and maybe even a spontaneous dance off or two.