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Your one-week college football star of the week: The person who played "Shout" at the Oregon game

September 16, 2019

Let's be honest, not the most thrilling week of college football, though we will be repaid tenfold next week (ND @ Georgia, Auburn @ A&M, Michigan @ Wisconsin, etc.). But college football is still college football, and the sport still provided plenty of fantastic moments, as it often does. Iowa squeaking past Iowa State, Florida's wild comeback at Kentucky, Arizona State shocking Sparty, and Kansas winning a football game, just to name a few.

Yet our favorite moment of the week was produced by a man, or woman, who didn't have to throw on shoulder pads or make a 56-yard kick or become college football's newest villain to grab our attention. This week's one-week star of the week comes from off the field, a first in the award's long and storied three-week history. This week's star is whoever played "Shout" at the Oregon Ducks game. You sir, or mam, are the real MVP:

Has this song ever failed? Weddings, sixth-grade school dances, 35-3 romps of the Montana Grizzlies, it doesn't matter where you play it, this shit SLAPS.

Sure, future top-three draft pick Justin Herbert threw five touchdowns on the night, but he still wasn't as clutch at the Ducks' DJ. Apparently, this isn't the first time this has happened this season. Here's linebacker Troy Dye dancing to it last week in the middle of Oregon's 77-6 beatdown of Nevada:

If this has been an Oregon tradition for some time now, my apologies to Ducks fans, but this is the first I'm seeing of it. Hopefully the Ducks capture video of it weekly, because "Shout" never, ever gets old. I've got my eye on their Oct. 26 game versus Washington State, which could be an electric scene if both teams continue their winning ways. That week's rendition of "Shout" is one you won't want to miss.

Honorable Mentions

Garrett Shrader

Who is Garrett Shrader? He's a freshman quarterback at Mississippi State, but you might know him better as the guy that got helicoptered into space on Saturday against Kansas State:

I bet when he was named third-string QB before the season that Shrader didn't envision himself flying through the air like a rag doll in Week 3, but life comes at you fast. Incredible effort from the kid, but he unfortunately came up two yards short and the Bulldogs dropped their first game of the season. At least Shrader gained some Internet fame out of it:

Matt Coghlin

No, Sparty's kicker is not getting an HM for his play (he missed the potential game-tying kick with six seconds to go). It's because he gave the Internet this:

Dude, WTF! No wonder he missed the FG by eight miles:

To be fair to Coghlin, he did make the kick originally, but Sparty was flagged for having 12 men on the field. Then, on the re-kick, officials missed a clear "leaping" penalty, which Pac-12 officials admitted after the game. But that was too late for Coghlin, who is now known as the guy who missed the biggest kick of the year and runs like a duck. Tough break.