If Nick Saban really used this joke, maybe he's not the devil after all

September 13, 2019
Alabama v Duke

Kevin C. Cox

Judging only by his press conferences, post-game interviews, behavior on the sidelines and ability to win national championship after national championship, Nick Saban has become the college football version of Satan. But underneath that thick, hard, cold exterior is a softer side, one that even allows him to crack a smile every five or so years.

On rare occasions, he also shows off his dry sense of humor, which, apparently, is a bit more advanced than he leads on. At least according to former Alabama Crimson Tide running back Josh Jacobs, who is now a member of the Oakland Raiders. Jacobs, who scored two TDs in his NFL debut on Monday night, joined "The Dan Patrick Show" on Friday and was asked what his favorite Saban story was. The running back revealed that Saban is a big "deez nuts" guy, which is more shocking than if Bama were to lose to Tennessee next month:

Not surprisingly, Patrick's crew was just as taken aback as the rest of us. Nick Saban? Deez nuts? Are you sure we're thinking of the same guy, Josh? If he's telling the truth, it really is the best—and most stunning—Saban story we've ever heard. It must be true, because one of Jacobs' former teammates Calvin Ridley, who plays for the Atlanta Falcons, confirmed Saban used the same joke on him:

Nick Saban, big deez nuts guy. Phenomenal news. The most surprising part is that "deez nuts" jokes seem big on the internet, which is something I don't think Saban uses. But there's a reason he gets every big recruit, and maybe it's all the money he pays them "deez nuts" jokes he's dropping in their living rooms.

Saban to recruit: "Have you ever seen two of these?" (Saban pretends to reach in his pocket for two national championship rings)

Recruit: These what, coach?

Saban: "DEEZ NUTS!"

How could you not immediately sign with Bama after that? Sure, getting to the NFL and winning national titles and blah blah blah is all nice, but Saban rolling out a tried and true joke like that would be all I needed to hear.

Need—don't want—NEED a reporter to bring up the deez nuts jokes in Saban's next press conference. The reporter probably won't live to tell the tale, but at least the rest of us will get a Hall-of-Fame worthy Saban outburst. Somebody's got to take one for the team.