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Young NBA fan learns quickly that you do NOT mess with Russell Westbrook

February 27, 2019

I haven't had the pleasure(?) of bringing a kid to a professional sporting event yet, but when I do, there's an obvious first rule to teach: Do NOT touch the athletes. An addendum to that rule would be to stay away from opposing players in particular. And as a final clarification? Under no circumstances are you to touch—or do anything that could possibly offend—Russell Westbrook.

In other words, some dad at Tuesday's Denver Nuggets game failed. Miserably.

Late in the third quarter of Denver's 121-112 win over Oklahoma City, a young fan sitting courtside gave the explosive (in more than one way) Thunder star a little tap/jab. Westbrook turned around, flashed a menacing glare, and the kid quickly took his seat. At least, he immediately realized his mistake. Then Westbrook, who handled the situation well, appeared to have a nice little chat with the youngster. Check it out:

And here's a better angle:

Honestly, he's lucky he's a kid or the next person putting hands on him would have been arena security. In any event, we're guessing the kid—and his dad—will be more careful going forward.