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Watch Russell Westbrook shove a fan after Thunder lose to the Nuggets

February 02, 2018

Russell Westbrook has been known to get a little chippy from time to time, whether it be with an opponent, the media or one of his own teammates. But on Thursday night in Denver, Russ added a Nuggets fan to his hit list.

Trailing by as many as 17 in the fourth quarter, the Thunder came all the way back to tie the score at 124-124 with one second on the clock after a Paul George three-pointer. The Nuggets took a full timeout, and shooting guard Gary Harris caught an inbound pass and banged home a buzzer-beating three over the outstretched arm of Westbrook for a 127-124 Nuggets victory. During the celebration, a Nuggets fan stepped out onto the court to confront Westbrook, who was already understandably upset:

Afterwards, Westbrook had this to say on the incident:

"You gotta be able to protect the players, man," he said. "The fans are obviously there to enjoy the game, but they can't come onto the floor. That's totally unacceptable," he told ESPN.

"They'll [the NBA] look at it and figure out what's the best way to deal with it, but to me, that's just totally unacceptable."

Not the best job from security in Denver, but luckily for this fan, they arrived just in time to get him off the court before Steven Adams entered the picture. Consider your life saved my man.

Update -- Looks like that fan won't be attending many Nuggets games in the future: