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Inspiring one-armed golf prodigy is now hitting Little League home runs like a boss

February 27, 2019

While the Little League season is still a dream in snow-covered parts of the country, it started with quite a bang in St. Louis. Playing in his season opener on Saturday, seven-year-old Tommy Morrissey hit a home run that has now made the rounds, including on ESPN. So what's the big deal about this particular dinger? Young Tommy hit it using only his left arm.

Golf fans should be familiar with the name of the kid who has developed the reputation of a prodigy despite being born without part of his right arm. Morrissey hit a ceremonial tee shot at a PGA Tour event when he was five and he's impressed superstars from Bryson DeChambeau to Tiger Woods. He also nearly made a hole-in-one at Pinehurst's par 3 course this past summer.

Morrissey recently wrote to a fan on Twitter, "Thank you so much but my parents never told me I am disabled. That’s the key. I didn’t realize I was labeled that until I heard it somewhere else and then I was still certain they were not talking about me. I am unLIMBited." And the inspirational youngster was named the winner of the 2018 Peggy Kirk Bell Award by U.S. Kids.

Apparently, Tommy's golf talents carry over to the baseball diamond. He's now a viral sensation in two sports thanks to this home run:

Even more impressive than the pop is Morrissey's speed. Little dude has some serious wheels.

In any event, congrats to Tommy on his latest athletic feat. And to opposing Little League teams in the St. Louis area, you better start playing your outfielders deeper.