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Young golfer starts fight with older golfer and it does NOT end well for him

May 08, 2024

Gather round, kids, because we have another wild golf course fight to show you. Oh, and because it comes with an important lesson: respect your elders.

Actually, the more important lesson is be careful who you start a fight with on a golf course. And that leads to the more basic lesson that it's probably not worth starting any fight on a golf course.

But as we've seen with countless viral videos through the years, sh*t happens out there. And this is a doozy. It involves a couple of younger golfers, one of whom videos the incident, and a group of older golfers. And things get physical on a couple of occasions.

We don't know what kicks the whole thing off, but one older guy was big mad. He confronts—and puts his hands on a younger golfer—before saying, "Fu--ing go play fu--ing golf!" But that wasn't the end of it!

In Part II of the video shared by Zire Golf, the young guy keeps antagonizing the older guy with some crude remarks we won't repeat here. Then the older guy's friend gets in the action. "Now you're just asking to get your fu--ing ass kicked," he says shortly after emptying a bunch of golf balls out of his pocket for some reason. "You say that sh*t and you don't expect any repercussions? Are you fu--ing kiding me?"

Then the young guy says, "No, I don't expect any repercussions" and shoves the older guy. Not smart. Have a look. At both parts:

It wasn't quite the beatdown we saw when a few guys unknowingly challenged some ex-MMA fighters in Oklahoma, but this one was pretty lopsided before the young guy's friend abruptly stops filming. As one person commented, "Dude got beat up by an old man and his friend posted it." Another added, "Not Colonel Sanders handing him a 5 piece combo." Amazing.

But, seriously, can't we all just get along? (And just play golf?)