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You mean to tells us Matt Kuchar could have been dancing this whole time?

August 20, 2019

Matt Kuchar has had a tough year. After his now-infamous tipping controversy, Kuch, as he was formerly affectionately known, became the butt of at least half of all golf jokes on the Internet—some even told by fellow pros to his face. He got heckled. His grandma was disappointed. He did some soul searching and sought advice from the wise old Jedi master known as Phil, but most important, as this hilarious new footage proves, Kuchar sought refuge in the ancient art of dance.

How you feel about Kuchar these days is totally up to you. Maybe the whole good guy thing rings false now. Maybe you think the Golf Twitter was just turning a bogey into a triple yet again. All we know after watching this video is that the whole thing would have blown over in about five minutes if Kuchar had simply started dancing and never stopped. As soon as the first reports of Kuchar stiffing a local caddie after his Maykoba Golf Classic victory began to surface, he should have fired up the Whitney Houston and danced the night away, because how can you hate on a man who can move like Mick Jagger? The answer is, you can't.

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Needless to say, Kuch, for all his gosh, gees, gollys and whizzes, can cut a vintage Persian rug with the best of them, sweating out nine pent-up months of negative energy ahead of an all-important (and very lucrative) Tour Championship this weekend. Whether this seemingly innocuous clip of a 40-something guy dancing around in a tucked-in shirt and Skechers is what finally turns the page on Matt Kuchar's Series of Unfortunate Events remains to be seen, but we have to say, after this display, we're almost rooting for him.