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You can get astronomical odds betting on no one scoring a touchdown in Rams vs. Saints

January 18, 2019

Chris Graythen

When the Los Angeles Rams play the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship on Sunday, it will be a game pitting two of the most prolific offenses in NFL history. Both teams averaged more than 30 points per game, and the current over/under of 56.5 indicates Vegas is anticipating a shootout at the Super Dome. But if you really, really want to bet against the grain, there's another option out there for you.

A prop bet that there will be no touchdowns scored by either team exists. And the odds are astronomical. Thanks to The Action Network's Darren Rovell for uncovering this longshot wager:

SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY TO ONE?! Um. . . I'm in for $10.

Maybe both team's red zone offenses will completely tank. Maybe the refs will allow both teams' DBs to cling to receivers like they always seem to let the Patriots do. Maybe Jared Goff will get food poisoning from eating gas stop sushi the night before the game. Maybe Drew Brees will stay out all night because he's addicted to clubbing now. You just NEVER KNOW!

Like Kevin Malone famously said in The Office, "If someone gives you 10,000-to-1 odds on anything, you take it." This isn't quite that, but it's also not like you're betting on John Cougar Mellencamp to win an Oscar.