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Xander Schauffele had an A+ spin zone for that painful promotional video

September 14, 2023

On the modern-day internet, being bad is actually good. Painfully-awkward content drives just as many—if not more—clicks than actually-good content. This often happens inadvertently, as Xander Schauffele can attest.

Look no further than Schuaffele's hard-to-watch promotional video for DraftKings, which he posted on social media this time last week. The poor guy looked like he was A. in need of some extra sleep and B. being held hostage and being forced to read from a teleprompter. 

Golf Twitter, naturally, pounced, with one user even jokingly wondering if this was an AI version of Schauffele. All in good fun, of course. 

Schauffele, who has said he's not the biggest social media guy in the past, did catch wind of many of the comments thanks to his wife and he did thorougly enjoy them. He even came up with a galaxy-brain spin zone regarding the whole situation, which we discuss on this week's episode of The Loop podcast. Plus, Alex, Steve and myself break down our video game Mount Rushmores, and I bend the knee to the range, which I finally returned to for real last week. Please, have a listen below, and like and subscribe to The Loop wherever you get your podcasts.