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Xander Schauffele gets roasted by Golf Twitter for painful promo video

September 08, 2023

First things first, we love Xander Schauffele. He's a great player, he's a funny guy, and he even gave me some good golf tips once. When it comes to doing online ads, though, well, he could use a little work.

To be fair, reading promos is brutal. I know from having to do some for our podcasts. So there's only so much Xander can do with the material his sponsors—in this case, DraftKings—give him. But his latest effort was particularly subpar. And Golf Twitter roasted the seven-time PGA Tour winner. Have a look for yourself:

That's hostage-video stuff right there. And they probably told him wearing a T-shirt as he read a bland script about a fantasy golf competition would keep things casual, but it didn't help. The coffee mug was a nice touch, though! Anyway, apologies to Xander, but here were some of our favorite reactions:

Tough crowd. HOWEVAH, if the goal is to actually get people to watch, remember and talk about this, then in a weird way Xander did an amazing job. Maybe he's playing chess while everyone is playing checkers. If so, brilliant.