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Xander Schauffele's dad may never give the gold medal back, posts amazing (and slightly terrifying) photo

August 18, 2021

Much was made about how much Xander Schauffele's Olympic victory meant to his dad, Stefan, who had his own Olympic dreams dashed by a car accident four decades ago. But now we're seeing that play out with the gold medal Xander took home from Tokyo. Apparently, Stefan has taken it—and he might never give it back.

Ahead of this week's Northern Trust, the younger Schauffele was asked about the whereabouts of his new prized possession. A reporter was curious to where it was being kept in Xander's house. Turns out, it's still very much a moving target.

"Pops has it," Schauffele said. "I can't get it off of him right now. I had a couple of media things to do with the medal, and then I got a phone call shortly after that asking for the medal back. So he is taking good care of it as we speak."

And Pops confirmed that Tuesday night posting an amazing (and slightly terrifying) photo of him wearing the gold medal—and not much else!

Wow, that is quite the visual. You can practically hear Stefan doing a Charlton Heston voice and saying, "I'll give you my gold medal when you pry it from my cold, dead hands."

If we're being honest, though, Stefan is in great shape. We didn't see this coming from the guy who was smuggling beers into the Olympics all week. Then again, what do you expect from someone who is a former decathlete? That's no joke.

In any event, good luck getting that gold medal back, Xander.