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WWE is now streaming every WrestleMania for free, effectively chokeslamming quarantine boredom


Michael Cole

What level of quarantine boredom are you at? Have you watched 'Tiger King'? Have you played a board game or assembled a puzzle? Have you, god have mercy, started a book? Well, never fear, fans of escapism of so purely, absurdly over the top that it sometimes elbow drops you from atop a gigantic steel cage with no notice whatsoever, because the fine folks at World Wrestling Entertainment have, in their infinite wisdom, now made every WrestleMania EVER available to stream online FOR FREE. We think this calls for a celebratory powerbomb (or two) . . .

OK, now that we've all got that out of our systems, navigate your baby oiled self over to, where you'll find WrestleMania's 1-35 revved up and ready to go. Things start strong with a Hulk Hogan-and-Mr. T tag team at MSG before blasting through the Attitude Era (we absolutely cannot wait to dig into this with adult eyes) and several lulls, before ending up at present day, which, by most way-more-informed accounts, has actually been pretty good.

All of this is, of course, leading up to WrestleMania 36, which due to the coronavirus—AKA the reason you're even considering spending the next month devouring hours of grown men in spandex—will look unlike any other WrestleMania before. Ordinarily the WWE's Super Bowl unfolds over a single jampacked night, but this year WWE will spread out the bouts across Saturday 4/4 and Sunday 4/5, with Rob Gronkowski (yes, as in GRONK) playing host. A majority of the matches will be televised from an empty WWE Performance Center as opposed to a sold out Raymond James Stadium, but rumors also persist of matches happening at yet undisclosed locations. If you know anything about WrestleMania, you wouldn't rule out an active volcano.

So go ahead, fire up the ol' Internet Explorer and get to bingeing. 'Mody Dick' will just have to wait for the next pandemic.