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Long drive champ Maurice Allen dusts off Ric Flair impression for an encore

September 06, 2018

Last year, Maurice Allen almost literally exploded onto the long drive scene with a combination of dog-leg devouring power and a larger-than-life personality that just so happened to include a pretty spot-on Ric Flair impression. In what seemed like no time, Allen had racked up three wins and rocketed to the top of the men's World Long Drive rankings. All he was missing was that coveted Volvik World Long Drive belt, which he fianlly, triumphantly claimed on Wednesday night, toppling Justin Moose with a 393-yard planet destroyer in the finals.

But you know what, we're burying the lead here. You came here to watch Allen go full Nature Boy and watch Allen go full Nature Boy you shall. SOUND UP:

Amazing. Someone get this man a lozenge, please. As incredible as all of that is, however, it's also going to get played out pretty fast, especially if Allen keeps winning. Soon enough, Allen may need to update the ol' monologue, and when that day comes, we can only hope he sees this: