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World Long Drive champ celebrates in style, thanks his "super hot" wife

September 07, 2017

After winning the Volvik World Long Drive Championship on Wednesday night, Justin James said there were "no words" to describe the feeling. But moments later at the trophy belt ceremony, James had no trouble blurting out a couple of words to describe his wife: "Super hot." Aww, how sweet.

After thanking his dad, a former long drive champ, James turned toward his spouse:

"I had to see my wife. We got married last July, I love her and she's super hot," he gushed. "She's my babe."

Here was her reaction:


But before that humorous exchange, James, 27, was all business in the final. After he blasted a 435-yard drive to wrap up the biggest win of his career, though, he let loose, even pulling off (eventually) a Lambeau-esque leap into the crowd behind the tee box:

Congrats, James. And you know what they say: Chicks dig the long ball.