Long Drive contestant's swing is so violent it snaps driver shaft, sending clubhead into crowd

September 06, 2017

The World Long Drive Championship produces its share of highlights and "Did you see THAT?!?!" moments. The video you're about to see definitely qualifies as the latter, but is far from the former.

Wes Patterson is half man, half Paul Bunyan, a guy who went from baseball player to professional golfer to long-drive contestant in two winks of a coal miner's eye. The Cinderella story, who's only been dabbling in the sport for a month, will compete in the tournament's quarterfinals Wednesday night after defeating Ryan Riesbeck in the Sweet 16. But while Patterson launched countless bombs into the Oklahoma night, it's this blooper that's making the social-media rounds:

No, Patterson didn't lose his grip. The man swung so hard that his shaft snapped, sending his clubhead spiraling into the crowd.

Luckily no one was hurt, and Patterson was kind enough to sign the "souvenir." Still, given Patterson's mighty hacks, don't be surprised to see a rail of plexiglass in the stands Wednesday night.