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World Long Drive competitor snaps driver in half during first warmup session of the year, which isn't the best omen

The World Long Drive season doesn't start until late March, but that didn't stop competitor Kevin Shook from beginning training on Tuesday in the backyard of his home in Bradenton, Florida. Shook, like the rest of us, probably began his warmup full of optimism, going through the "this is going to be my best year yet!" routine we all do after those first few hacks. Unfortunately for Shook, one of those hacks was a bit too strong, and we hope it's not a bad omen for his upcoming season.

Shook, who advanced to the semifinals of the Bluff City Shootout last June, posted a swing video from his first training session of the year to his Instagram account on Tuesday. The caption read: "First day of training for the long drive season and... there goes my gamer." I think you know what happens next:

Not ideal! According to his player profile, Shook plays a Krank F5 driver with a Fujikura shaft. Well, he used to at least. We're sure Krank will have a new one coming his way, but we'd imagine that's quite a dagger in your opening practice session, as you can see by Shook's frown and the hilarious moment he realized that thing was toast:

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 2.50.42 PM.png

Tough break. Shook has an idea of whose fault it might be:

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 2.53.47 PM.png

I feel like one of the best things about having kids is being able to blame them for things. Love that move. At least nobody got hit in the face this time:

Man, this backyard has seen some shit. Anyway, good luck to "Shooknight" this year (legendary nickname, by the way), and let's hope the driver snap is a sign of good luck.