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Woody Austin spotted in front row at PBA Players Championship rocking a bowling shirt, remains a total legend

January 16, 2024

Woody Austin is quite the character. He once joked he was named after Woody Harrelson despite being only three years younger than the actor. After falling into a pond at the 2007 Presidents Cup, he showed up for his next match wearing a pair of swim goggles, earning himself the nickname "Aquaman."

Those nuggets should give you a glimpse into the Tampa native’s quirky sense of humor, but perhaps his most (unintentionally?) funny moment happened this weekend when Austin was spotted in the front row at the PBA Players Championship—the first bowling major of the season—wearing a full, replica bowling shirt. Roll the tape.


Unreal flex. The red, white and blue. The Titleist hat. The stone-faced look that says “I’m not crazy for wearing a bowling shirt, you’re crazy for NOT wearing one.” 10/10. No notes.

Maybe this is a faux pas on the PBA circuit, but coming from a sport where grown men go out in public in head-to-toe blaze orange and giant tiger suits, this is barely a drop in the bucket. We don’t know if Austin did this ironically, because he’s a huge Bowling Guy™ or a bit of both, but we have to tip our cap regardless. Never change, Woody.