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Woman kicks off youth baseball brawl season by smacking rival parent in the knees with a bat

The days are getting longer, the fairways are getting greener, and across the Northern Hemisphere the smell of charcoal grills hangs in the evening air. It's a tranquil time, one of relaxation and reflection...unless, of course, you're a youth baseball parent, in which case you are officially at war. So sharpen your Capri Sun straws and armor your mini-vans, America, because by the look of this recent skirmish down in Palmville, Texas, things have already taken a turn for crazy town.

Now in most cases like this, where consenting (albeit very stupid) adults are involved, you don't hear much about ramifications. These are small towns. Somebody's cousin is probably the sheriff. Everybody gets let off with a slap on the wrist and the kids, as opposed to the judicial system, shoulder the brunt of their future estranged parents' behavior. It's just the way it is. According to CBS-4, however, authorities may finally be cracking down on Teeball Wrestling League, arresting one parent in the aftermath of this idiot jamboree.

“This is the first time it’s gotten this escalated to such actions. But in the past, there has been arguments, but they’ve been settled there at the park,” said Lieutenant Arnold Sepulveda to the local CBS affiliate, clearly referencing the moment in the video where a woman comes running from offscreen and kneecaps a dude with an aluminum bat. Somewhere even Tony Soprano just flinched.

In order to deter such violence in the future, Palmville PD are planning to increase patrols in the area and are even considering stationing an officer at future games, because that's just what baseball needs, more cops.