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Wisconsin husband and wife pull off preposterous hole-in-one feat

May 08, 2020

Now that people are back to playing golf in nearly every state across the country, you expect an uptick in something other than green fees: hole-in-one stories. Save for Jordan Spieth getting robbed of an ace at a charity event and a mom getting really loud over her son making one, this genre had been relatively quiet the past couple months. Not anymore.

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Golf's Gary D'Amato reported a husband-wife tandem had pulled off a pretty preposterous hole-in-one feat. Steve Howe and his wife, Carolyn, made aces on back-to-back swings. And it gets better.

As D'Amato points out, while that has certainly happened before, it's unclear if this has ever been done in quite the manner pulled off by this couple. Both were playing from the same set of tees on the sixth hole at PGA Golf Club's Dye Course in Port St. Lucie, Flas., and both used the same club, a 7-iron from 158 yards. That's some pretty impressive pop.

At this point, we should probably point out this isn't your typical golf-loving couple. Both are PGA Life members with Steve a former president of the Wisconsin PGA Section and Carolyn a four-time Wisconsin Women's State Open champ. It also wasn't even the first time one of them made an ace while playing in the same group.

But it was the first time they made one in the same round, let alone on the same hole. And it's the first time either made an ace on a hole that had a foam spacer in it. Unlike Spieth, that contraption to help prevent the spread of coronavirus didn't keep either of their golf balls out of the cup.

“It was very exciting,” Steve told Wisconsin Golf. “And to do it with a bunch of friends and celebrate with them, that made it really special. It was a good day.”

A good day made even better by the couple collecting more than $1,000 from the club's hole-in-one pot. So the 19th hole drinks were definitely on Steve and Carolyn—we just hope everyone stayed six feet apart.