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Winter golf shot bounces off frozen green 30 feet in the air, time to go inside

January 24, 2024

You don’t have to be a hero. It’s windy and frigid, and when the greens resemble a trampoline, you’re wasting your time out on the course.

We get it, of course. You want to be getting 18 in by any means necessary, but at what cost? What exactly is playing in these conditions resulting in? Other than a viral video that made it to Golf Digest. Actually … keep on keeping on. We love the content.

That’s the bounce of an Olympic gymnast mixed with Vince Carter dribbling towards Frédéric Weis. There isn’t a split second when this drive is sticking on the green. If anything, the fact that it’s only in the woods behind is a small victory.

“That bounced a good 30ft in the air 🤣🤣,” said TikToker Huxley Golf. Why was he out there braving the weather? That’s easy. “Course was open so I played.” That course seems to be Saltford Golf Club in England, and the greens are certainly playing firm on the other side of the pond.