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Kevin Kisner attempts flop shot over college golfer, drills him in the head instead

January 24, 2024

Among the classic golf trick shots, the old flop-shot-over-the-head is a real crowd pleaser. We've seen it a bunch through the years, perhaps most famously when Phil Mickelson pulled it off with Stephen Curry. But it's also one that you only want a real pro—like Mickelson—attempting.

But this week, one college golfer got a painful reminder that this one can go wrong—even with a four-time PGA Tour winner like Kevin Kisner wielding a wedge.

"I've got full trust," Ashton Gaulin, a junior at Saginaw Valley State and budding golf social media star, says in a clip he shared on Instagram. But a moment later, those almost became some famous last words when Kisner bladed a flop into the back of Gaulin's skull producing a sickening THWACK. Have a look and listen:

Ouch, that's going to leave a mark. Maybe Kisner, who recently made his debut in the TV booth, should consider quitting his day job. Kidding, Kiz. But it really might be time to retire that trick from the repertoire.

"We had two hours without an injury and now I took out the influencer with a concussion," Kisner said before giving Ashton a hug.

Fortunately, Ashton seemed OK. And as that young man is well aware, sometimes you've got to make sacrifices in the name of good content.