Big Brains

Retired tour pro has genius idea to keep 'flushing it' on the golf course

You ever hit the golf ball so well that you don't want your clubs to leave your sight? Yeah, me neither.

But this is, evidently, a feeling some folks actually achieve. Folks like Willy Wilcox, a retired tour pro-turned full time caddie best known for his ace celebration in 2016 at TPC Sawgrass. More recently, Wilcox admitted to the golf world that he had been battling drug addiction throughout his entire PGA Tour career.

Fortunately, Wilcox is thriving both on and off the golf course now. After brief stints on a few bags, including U.S. Amateur runner-up Ben Carr's, Wilcox has now settled down at Kiawah Island to be a full-time caddie. In his spare time, he works on his game, which appears to be in very good shape. "Haven't hit it this good in 5 years," read one of Wilcox's tweets last week:

"I f---ing love flushing so f---ing much," read another Wilcox tweet late Monday evening. In other words, he's balling right now. And when he balls, the clubs never leave his side. No, seriously, he sleeps next to them, apparently:

Hey, whatever it takes to keep flushing it, am I right? If this continues, those sticks might just make their way under the covers next.