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Why you're going to be seeing a lot more of Nick Faldo the next few weeks

April 24, 2020

Professional golf remains on hiatus for (hopefully only) the next seven weeks, meaning live network television of the game remains on break. But while golf fans won't be hearing Jim Nantz say "Hello, friends," his closest friend in the CBS tower, Nick Faldo, will still be getting plenty of air time.

CBS announced the six-time major champ has two different series premiering next week. It appears Sir Nick has been keeping busy.

Both will debut on CBS Sports Network on Monday night with "Days & Knights with Sir Nick" at 7:30 p.m. ET, followed by "Faldo Formula—Mind. Body. Swing." at 8:00. As you can probably gather from the titles, the first show has a bit of everything, chronicling various fun adventures from Faldo and featuring celebrity interviews, while the second is more instructional and includes golf tips Faldo has picked up during his Hall-of-Fame career as well as from other coaches.

Here's a trailer for "Days & Knights with Sir Nick," which is being billed as a "multi-episode series" and has Faldo everywhere from the golf course to the kitchen:

And here's a trailer for "Faldo Formula—Mind. Body. Swing.," which will air for 10 weeks:

In addition to being aired on CBS Sports Network, CBS' main network will also broadcast two half-hour episodes of "Days & Knights with Sir Nick" later in the year. Again, we hope to see Sir Nick back in the booth soon, but in the meantime, golf fans can at least learn how to hit a bunker shot—and make a margarita—from him.