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In a cruel twist of irony, the final round of the Canadian Open was briefly pushed to The CW‬ in Philadelphia

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It only seems right that after the last week in professional golf, the PGA Tour somehow found its way onto The CW … even if it was just for a moment or two.

A down-to-the-wire Canadian Open that featured a memorable 72-foot clinching putt in a playoff was preempted on CBS Philadelphia stations due to a bridge collapse in Northeast Philly. We should state that there have been no injuries or fatalities reported after a vehicle caught fire beneath an overpass.

With the CBS station jumping over to this news, the Canadian Open found itself, as Jim Nantz would say, "right on The CW." The PGA Tour was only on the LIV Golf partner’s airwaves for 30 minutes or so, but that’s still a fantastic joke from the Golf Gods.

You have to wonder if they’ll release Canadian Open/CW viewership numbers and how they’ll place against LIV Golf’s up-and-down ratings. The Canadian Open jumped back to CBS after the emergency coverage switch, but we’ll always have this PGA Tour on The CW moment.