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Why John Daly is using a $750 direct-to-consumer iron set

December 15, 2023

Mike Mulholland

John Daly is known for his eclectic taste off the course, but as evidenced by his bag this week, the man is just as multifaceted when it comes to his golf clubs. The two-time major winner and his son tied for second last year at the PNC Championship and will hope that this new look is just what the duo needs to best a loaded Ritz-Carlton field. These clubs will be bolstered by the elder Daly’s patented Hooters bag, because of course.

Daly’s Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 9-degree driver and Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 15-degree 3-wood are both loaded with lead tape to add weight, and those Callaway clubs will be curiously joined by Sub 70’s 659 CB irons and TAIII wedges. The Sub 70 clubs, in particular, are part of a $750 set of direct-to-consumer irons. The pros really are just like us … as long as you have $750 to splurge on golf equipment.

“I don’t have a deal with (Sub 70) or anything, there’s no money involved,” Daly told GolfWRX. “I just like what they do, and the clubs are great.”

The TAIII Milled Forged wedges cost $135 apiece, just in case you were wondering.

Daly’s known for his wonky ways on the course—perhaps best exemplified by his drunk matchup with Tiger—so we’re not too worried about how these clubs will perform as long as Daly’s hitting the hell out of the ball like he always does.

Could this be the year that John Daly and his progeny break through at the famed parent-child scramble? With new clubs in his bag and a cig in his mouth, the world (and the PNC Championship) is his oyster.

Driver: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond (9 degrees)
3-Wood: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond (15 degrees)
Hybrids: Ping G430 (17, 19, 22 and 26 degrees)
Irons: Sub 70 659 CB irons (6-PW)
Wedges: Sub 70 TAIII (50, 54 and 60 degrees)
Putter: Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Rossie