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Who was the MVP of Championship Sunday? Tony Romo, obviously

Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys

Ronald Martinez

Ever since Tony Romo went straight from the field to the booth alongside Jim Nantz, he's been one of the best color commentators in the sport, an impressive feat considering he had no prior experience on television. Yes, there is his remarkable ability to call out plays before they happen (which, let's be honest, a lot of former QBs can probably do), but there's also an excitement and energy he brings that you don't get from everybody. Can it be a little much at times? Sure, but a majority of folks seem to be in Romo's corner as evidenced by the reaction to his AFC Championship performance.

On a Sunday that saw Tom Brady add to his legend, Jared Goff outplay Drew Brees in his home stadium, and the referees basically putting their stamp on each game in a big way, much of the Monday morning talk is revolving around Romo. He just may have been the MVP of Championship Sunday, producing hundreds of god-awful "Romo finally came up clutch!" jokes that need to be put to an end. Here's Romo on New England's go-ahead and game-winning drives in late in the fourth quarter and OT, essentially calling out every play before it occurred:

Amidst all the love Romo is getting on Monday, he still has his fair share of detractors, as is tradition. These are the moments contrarians who hate things that are fun and good live for, so that's hardly surprising.

But anyone finding a reason to hate on this probably didn't actually watch the game or listen to Romo. He's not simply calling out "run right" or "they are going to pass on third down here." In that clip alone he called out two plays, the one Brady wanted and the one he checked to for the Sony Michel touchdown. Then he knew exactly the right time Brady would go to Gronk with the game on the line. Overtime was Romo's finest hour, as he called out every play New England was going to run on 3rd & 10, including the pass protection that gave Brady time to go to Edelman over the middle. To the clowns saying this isn't that hard and we all knew what the Pats were going to do, man, it would have been nice if the Chiefs knew what they were doing so we didn't have to see the same damn team in the Super Bowl for the 300th straight year.

Romo is so good that people want him on the call for everything. The Masters, the Final Four, your everyday life, NBA/MLB free agency, etc...

There's already chatter about Romo getting a coaching job, and, as crazy as it sounds, I think I'd take him coaching the Giants over Pat Shurmur next season. Is there any doubt he'd be good at it? If he's smart, that thought will never enter his brain. Calling out plays from a booth and being universally praised for it will always be better than losing a close game 17-14 and getting blasted for a bad coaching decision. No one will remember that he's Nostradamus when he's battling to go 9-7 as the head coach of the Washington Redskins. Just keep doing what you're doing Tony, and while you're at it please predict that Tiger Woods will win a major this season.