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This weatherman's on-air reaction to finding out he was using a touch screen was priceless

August 04, 2022

You know the look children have on Christmas Day when they unwrap a present to find out it's that toy they've been asking for every second of every day for the past three months? Well, that's the face one weatherman made after realizing the map he uses for work is actually a touch screen.

The best part? He found this out on live TV.

So here's ABC 7 Chicago's Greg Dutra, who also happens to be a big golf fan, with a priceless reaction to this accidental discovery:

"Ooo, I moved the map," Dutra says in the clip. "I can do that? No wayyyyyy!" Classic.

And as you can see, anchor Terrell Brown joined in on the fun as well. How none of these people knew their station had touch-screen technology is beyond me. I mean, it's ABC Chicago for crying out loud! Heck, most of my toddler's toys have touch screens.

But regardless, what a great scene.

That's one happy dude right there.