Vin Scully's greatest call may have been when this PGA Tour pro couldn't escape a pot bunker

August 03, 2022

From Hank Aaron's record-breaking 715th home run to Kirk Gibson's heroics in the 1988 World Series, Vin Scully was on the call for some of the most famous—and impressive—moments in baseball history. But on the day after the legendary announcer passed away, we'd like to remember how he handled a not-so-impressive moment on the golf course.

Yep, in case you didn't realize this Dodgers icon also did play-by-play for CBS Golf from 1975 to 1982. And not surprisingly, he was also darn good in the 18th tower—even when the action he was calling wasn't good.

Such was the case during the first round of the 1981 Heritage Golf Classic when Rik Massengale found himself in a pot bunker on the 14th hole at Harbour Town Golf Links. Despite being a three-time PGA Tour winner, Massengale needed six attempts just to escape the sand. And Scully provided this fantastic commentary of a man in full struggle mode. Have a look, but more importantly, a listen:

"Now pull up a chair and take a look at the agony of a gentleman who is caught in the pot hole at 14," Scully begins. "When you can't take it any longer, why, we'll understand when you leave."

The entire narration is fantastic, including the finish. "And so, on a par 3 14th, Rik Massengale took just two putts from that distance. A casualty of what looks like a meteoroid that landed just to the left of the green at 14."

Well played, Vin. It's so good we're guessing even Rik wouldn't mind watching that again today.