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Ptooey again

Let’s remember the time Vin Scully brought up Hitler’s birthday just so he could spit on his grave

August 03, 2022

Jason O. Watson

The Vin Scully anecdotes are coming a mile a minute today. As they should.

The baseball icon was as good at his job as anyone has ever been and over his near 70 years as a play-by-play announcer, Scully became the voice of the Dodgers and the sport as a whole.

The man was known for his graceful phrasing and his calm and collected grandfather-esque yarns, but he certainly knew how to have some fun and keep his audience guessing.

For instance, back in 2014, a few days after Adolf Hitler’s birthday, Scully decided that he would put the final dagger in the German dictator’s coffin with this aside.

It’s a perfect showing from Scully with a double-ptooey to show he means business, getting back to the game at a moment’s notice. The man was nothing but a professional.

Vin Scully lived a hell of a life. 94 years, 67 of which he called MLB games. His was a voice we’ll remember forever, whether was calling a double-play or bringing up Hitler just to spit on his grave.