Trick Shots

Watch Wesley Bryan make the longest putt in golf history

June 21, 2024

Long before YouTube Golf became a big deal, the Bryan Bros were pioneers in the space. Heck, that article I just linked to is 10 years old. I'm amazed the link even still works.

Anyway, while both Wesley Bryan and George Bryan are still very much pursuing their tour pro careers—Wesley finished runner-up in the D.R. on the PGA Tour in April and George made his first PGA Tour cut last November—the band is back together making content. And one recent trick shot in particular caught our eye.

Have a look as Wes drains a putt from 144 yards. That's right, 144 yards. Or 432 feet. The dude takes a huge whack at the ball with his putter from a spot in the fairway that most people would hit 8-iron and it just rolls. And rolls. And rolls. Until it finds the bottom of the cup. Check it out:

Amazing stuff. "The wand is starting to warm up," Wes writes in the comments. Look out, PGA Tour.

The only bad thing? As Wes notes in the comments later, this will not be recognized as an official Guinness World Record because there wasn't an official there. A quick Google search shows that record is 401 feet by Jay Stocki.

But the Bryan Bros don't need some certificate. They've got video proof that this putt was real—and it was spectacular.