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Elevating Your Game From The Bottom Up

Editor's Note: This article is written in partnership with
Tommy John.

April 16, 2024

Imagine entertaining a client on the course. You crouch down to line up a putt, but when you stand up, you feel the dreaded wedgie. Or maybe you’re sharing a cart with your buddy, and as you step out to hit your shot, you realize your underpants have crept up your waist – leaving you in a literal pinch. Either of these common scenarios can result in some very awkward-looking adjustments on your part – especially when there’s nowhere private nearby to address the situation. You can avoid these issues entirely by upgrading to the underwear preferred by serious golfers.

Tommy John’s innovative and super-lightweight Second Skin Boxer Brief provides a distraction-free edge on the course – much like a custom-fit driver, a new pair of golf shoes, or a fresh sleeve of balls – by removing all the negatives that may arise with your current options. The gentle fit and ultimate stretch moves with your swing, rather than resisting it. The intelligent design includes a stay-put waistband, intuitive horizontal fly, and a supportive contour pouch that keeps everything in place. Instead of becoming sweat-soaked by the back nine like you’ve probably experienced with other underwear, Second Skin pulls moisture away from your body and keeps things cool and comfortable right through the final putt on 18. The silky fabric – even finer and softer than cotton – is a noticeable game changer that genuinely makes it feel like you're going commando. Crafted from plant-based, high-tech Modal fibers, it’s smooth and insanely soft with no chafing, itching, bunching, wrinkling, or rough seams. The durable fabric stays luxurious wash after wash, without fading, pilling or deteriorating in any way.

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Don’t be shy. Ask around. Golfers who already trust Tommy John agree that using the finest gear to improve their game includes donning the best underwear for golf. After all, negotiating the fairways in complete comfort is a key to unlocking your golf potential. Whether you prefer boxer briefs, trunks, or a relaxed boxer, you can confidently unwind with Tommy John’s Second Skin. Get a pair – or several – at, so you can eliminate distractions, focus on your swing, and possibly even shoot lower scores.