Random Daggers

Scottie Scheffler refused to sign this item for a fan—and we don't blame him at all

June 20, 2024

This week's Travelers Championship is pretty tough timing for the top golfers and the world, who have played in the U.S. Open and the Memorial the past two weeks. But for Scottie Scheffler, it's particularly brutal.

Sure, it's a lot of high-level golf in a short period of time, but more than that, it's heading to New England at this particular point in time. And we're not referring to the weather. In fact, the Dallas resident should feel right at home with this heat wave.

Where he doesn't feel as home, however, is with the Boston Celtics having just captured their 18th NBA title. By beating Scheffler's Dallas Mavericks in the process. And the World No. 1 admitted to refusing to sign a certain fan item during a practice round on Wednesday. And we don't blame him at all.

That fan is lucky Scottie is such a nice guy. Rubbing the victory in his face like that is grounds for dismissal.

And, yes, Keegan Bradley was positively brimming on Tuesday following the Celtics victory. But it's good to hear he's keeping it classy. So far. In any event, good luck this week, Scottie—both with navigating TPC River Highlands and putting up with all those Boston fans.