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Watch streetball legend Hot Sauce absolutely school poor Atlanta Hawks fans

January 25, 2018

The Atlanta Hawks are currently tied for the worst record (14-33) in the entire NBA. But they have arguably the league's best form of fan entertainment. And it involves the fans themselves.

The Hawks do a segment involving streetball legend Hot Sauce. If you don't know who Hot Sauce is, then you never saw any of the And1 Mixtape Tour. And if you've never seen any of the And1 MixTape Tour, well, that's a shame. Anyway, Hot Sauce still plays/performs, and lucky fans get a chance to try to defend this dribbling dynamo. Or unlucky depending on your perspective, because these fans get absolutely schooled in front of the Philips Arena crowd. Check it out:

It's pretty rough when Hot Sauce starts with the ol' ball off the forehead. That's gotta hurt the noggin and the self pride. Then there's this clip of a guy who actually gets a defensive "stop" (Hot Sauce blows a layup). But with time remaining on the 24-second clock and Hot Sauce gets another chance and just blows by him to score before the buzzer.

Don't sweat it, guys. Hot Sauce would embarrass most of the Hawks roster, too. And anyway, do you even need a new set of tires?