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Watch one-handed, 7-year-old golfer Tommy Morrissey almost get a hole-in-one at Pinehurst's par-3 course

We continue to be impressed by the swing of little Tommy Morrissey, who is now 7 years old. The talented young golfer was born without part of his right arm, so he swings the golf club—with amazing grace—with just his left arm. We've seen Morrissey hit the ceremonial first tee shot at a PGA Tour event, imitate the swings of Arnold Palmer, Rickie Fowler and others with incredible ease and hang out with his PGA Tour buddies on a semi-consistent basis.

So we weren't entirely surprised when we heard that Morrissey nearly recorded a hole-in-one on Pinehurst's par-3 course, The Cradle, over the weekend. Morrissey's smooth swing has been impressing for quite some time now. But to record an ace, would be, well, a special moment, for sure.

Here's video of the near ace, which ended up hitting the pin and ended up six inches from the pin, Pinehurst says:

We're told Morrissey would've recorded the 71st ace at The Cradle since it opened in late September 2017, according to Pinehurst officials. Sure, it's a short course, and the third hole is just 66 yards. That doesn't make us any less impressed by the feats of Morrissey. Many of us would take that swing of Morrissey's all day.