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Watch a European Tour winner lose his sh*# trying to make a hole-in-one with 500 attempts

November 06, 2018

The European Tour was up to its old tricks, convincing a golfer to try making a hole-in-one over the course of 500 attempts in one day. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Wrong!

Brandon Stone is the latest to fall for this devilish "Chase The Ace" challenge and he may have gone mad in the process. Like Edoardo Molinari last year, Stone started off optimistic and in great spirits. And by the end of the day — literally, as the sky darkened — he looked like a man so frustrated he might quit the game. Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT: Stone didn't make an ace. But in an odd way, that's what makes this even more worth watching:

How did No. 357 not go in?! Or No. 399?! And No. 500 was pretty close as well. By the way, this wasn't a baby par 3, either, but a 184-yard hole at the South African's favorite course, Sun City, ahead of this week's Nedbank Challenge. Or, at least, it was Stone's favorite course.

"That's the worst part, is that it absolutely rips your soul in two every time," Stone laments at one point.

Poor guy. And poor tee box. Look at these divot rows!


Then again, it's hard to feel too bad for a 25-year-old who is already a three-time European Tour winner, has six aces on his résumé, and says stuff like "What do you know? Pin-high right" after hitting yet another pure golf shot. Yeah, my zero tour win, zero hole-in-one self doesn't feel bad at all.