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Walmart yodeling kid signs record deal and releases new single, because America

April 27, 2018

It was just earlier this month when Mason Ramsey, AKA Yodeling Kid, captivated/confused the country by serenading customers at an Illinois Walmart with a rendition of Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues." In the weeks since, Yodeling Kid has quickly progressed through all the requisite stages of today's viral sensations. He's performed in front of tens of thousands at Coachella, been a meme numerous times (This play on PGA Tour walk-up songs by Skratch is hysterical), he's met various celebrities, appeared on talk shows, and now, he's signed a record deal and released his first single. Only in America, folks.

It was announced on Thursday that Yodeling Kid inked a deal with Atlantic Records, the same Atlantic Records that in the past has signed legendary acts like Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and freaking Led Zeppelin. The 11-year-old's first single is entitled "Famous" (obviously) and it's a love song (also, obviously) because, as Mason sings, "But girl, ever since I met you, I got a whole new perspective." I swear on a stack of actual Yodels that everything I just wrote is true. And here's proof:

“He has the talent and emotional ability to really feel a song and sing from his soul,” Atlantic Records' VP of A&R Ian Cripps said of Yodeling Kid.

Good to know you're on the lookout for young talent, Ian. I'll be sure to let you know when my daughter is old enough to start performing at Costco.