This 2nd-grader's research project on Jordan Spieth is the cutest thing you'll see today

April 24, 2018

Ah, the joys of second grade. A simpler age when doing "research projects" just involved reading a youth-level biography on your favorite athlete and giving a quick talk to your class about it because you hadn't developed a fear of public speaking yet. Man, I really nailed that Bo Jackson presentation. Good times.

Anyway, one youngster named Champ recently picked Jordan Spieth as his project topic. And he pulled it off perfectly, right down to a sharp -- but not too flashy -- Under Armour ensemble. Have a look and listen at what will undoubtedly be the cutest thing you see all day:

And here's a better look at Champ's presentation:

Jordan didn't reply (he's not a big Twitter guy), but his mom did:

We love it, too, Champ. We just feel bad for the kid who had to follow your act by talking about George Strait.