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This poor guy just got his heart broken on national TV

April 27, 2018

The set of Let's Make a Deal turned into a full-blown crime scene on Friday when some guy got his heart broken on national TV. Seriously, this is tough to watch and more gory than any CBS crime drama. Viewer discretion advised.

Ouch. Poor Steve. It's not enough that Jessie had to dash his hopes of a romantic relationship, but she laughed in his face and tried to procure a date by announcing to the world, "I'M SINGLE!"? Talk about a double dagger.

I've never watched Let's Make A Deal before, but I have a couple questions. Do contestants always wear ridiculous outfits like this? And why didn't Wayne Brady show a little compassion? The whole scene was colder than when Kristen Bell's character dumps Jason Segel's character at the beginning of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

On the bright side, things turned out pretty well for him by the end of that movie. Hang in there, Steve.