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Very good dog invades Argentinian soccer game demanding pets, has to be carried off field

October 03, 2018

It's been a healthy content week here in middle of the animal/sports venn diagram. First we had a literal horse walking into a literal bar over in France, and now in Argentina, footage of a local good boy named Roberto interrupting a soccer match for a roll in the grass and some head scratches has gone gloriously viral. If you're a dog person, prepare to immediately need to go home and give your furry idiot the belly rub of a lifetime:

Normally when animals find their way into the professional sports fray, they are panicked, lost, and pissed off (see: Rally Cat), but Roberto couldn't give less of a sh*t, deciding he simply couldn't wait another 45 minutes for attention and affection before casually sauntering onto the field. The players happily obliged—I mean, how could you not?—and when Roberto was eventually picked up and removed the field, he left one very happy dog:


As it turns out, Roberto is well known around Unión De Santa Fe, with the club's spokesperson saying of the team's unofficial mascot, "He is a good dog and people love him. He's our team's dog. The members of the club attend to him as if it were their own." In other words, stick to basketball, Air Bud. Roberto has this soccer thing covered.