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Vegas just booked a MULTIMILLION-dollar Super Bowl bet -- and it might be from a famous gambler

January 25, 2018

Ethan Miller

It appears the famed "Let it ride" gambler, who reportedly won $14 million on the World Series, will let a lot of his winnings ride on the Philadelphia Eagles with a potentially historic Super Bowl bet. Win or lose, they should make a movie about this guy. What a legend.

ESPN reported on Wednesday that a multimillion dollar bet has been booked at Las Vegas' MGM sportsbook. "Obviously, we're pretty heavy Eagles now," MGM vice president of race and sport Jay Rood told ESPN. Rood said early betting previously had been pretty split for next Sunday's game between the Eagles and the Patriots.

Although the casino didn't specify whether the wager was on the points or the money line, how much the bet was for, or who placed it, Vegas handicapper RJ Bell claims to know the answers to all three of those questions. According to Bell, it's the same mystery man who successfully bet the first six games of the World Series in October before eventually deciding to sit out Game 7 and that he's bet $3 million (so far) on the underdog Eagles to win. Bold!

And if you're wondering if that kind of action moves the line on the game, it sure does! On Wednesday, MGM moved the line from Eagles +5.5 to +4.5 and the money line from Eagles +180 to +170. If Mr. Let It Ride wagered $3 million on +180, that means he would stand to make $5.4 million(!) on a Philadelphia victory.

It's a staggering amount, but it seems smarter than betting the over/under on how long the National Anthem takes. Then again, who knows with this guy? If he's really just getting started on his Super Bowl bets, that could be next.