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CBS' Patriots-Jaguars teaser featuring John Malkovich will get you fired up to watch football like never before

January 21, 2018

Before the Patriots play the Jaguars in Sunday's AFC Championship Game, CBS will air a teaser featuring John Malkovich in which the famed actor questions the necessity of such a production. "But if they see this, aren't they already watching?" he asks, before wondering, "Couldn't you just get Jim Nantz to narrate over some footage?" Good thoughts, John, but instead, CBS hired you to create the ultimate hype video for a football game. And boy, are we glad they did.

What starts in humor turns into a dramatic performance -- complete with a full orchestra -- worthy of an Emmy as Malkovich explains how he would "tease" this David-Goliath matchup of Jacksonville attempting to pull off a huge upset in New England to advance to the Super Bowl. The thought of Blake Bortles taking down Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at home seems impossible, but not after you hear Malkovich's powerful words that legit gave us chills. Anyway, have a look, because it's utterly brilliant:

And if the game is even one tenth as good, we're in for a treat.