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Rob Gronkowski unknowingly creates perfect Gronk catchphrase during press conference

Rob Gronkowski is the gift that keeps on giving. When he's not Gronk-smashing balls into the turf after a big touchdown, he's providing thoughtful public service announcements in the hopes that a bunch of idiots will stop consuming laundry detergent. He's truly a Gronk of all trades.

On Wednesday Gronk was Gronking again when he met with the media ahead of New England's AFC Championship matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. A reporter asked the Patriots tight end why Gillette Stadium is such a tough place to play, and, like any Gronk answer, it took him a second or two to collect his thoughts. But when he finally did, he delivered, unknowingly creating the most Gronk catchphrase ever when describing the crowd during last year's playoffs, which he sadly missed due to injury:

Did Gronk mean "going berserk"? Did he pop in a Tide pod before the press conference, or possibly a handful of Bazooka gum so it was still on his mind? All of those scenarios are possible, but it doesn't matter now, because the next time something huge happens in sports and the crowd goes crazy it will now be referred to as "going bazooka" thanks to Gronk.