Tales Of Urban

There's simply no way this story about Urban Meyer not knowing who Aaron Donald is can possibly be true

Not long after he was fired as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, some delicious horror stories began to roll from Urban Meyer's time in DUUUUUUUval. However, the most delicious horror story of all didn't hit social media until Monday, as it clearly needed a few months to marinate. 

Naturally, as all Urban anecdotes do, it has taken Twitter by storm. The excerpt comes from an excellent longform piece published by The Athletic on Monday, titled "'The most toxic environment I've ever been a part of': Inside Urban Meyer's disastrous year with the Jaguars." Written and reported on by Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks, the piece includes all kinds of Urban goodies, none more jarring then the one making the social media rounds about Meyer... not knowing who Aaron Donald is?

The apparently-true-but-impossible-to-believe story comes from an anonymous source , so it's hard to take seriously. But my goodness if it's real, it's spectacular(ly bad):

For those without Twitter who can't see the end of the quote, after asking who "99 guy" was, Meyer then added "I'm hearing he might be a problem for us."

Wait, you mean this guy?

Gee, yeah, I guess I could see why he might be a problem. 

He was an enormous problem for Meyer's Jags in Week 13, when he had one sack, four tackles and a forced fumble. The Rams won the game 37-7, snapping an ugly three-game skid and proceeding to finish the regular season 4-1 and then going on to win the Super Bowl, something the Jaguars, nor Meyer, would have any idea about. 

True or not, it's another fascinating look into just how dysfunctional Meyer's short tenure was in JAX. And still, no one would be surprised if he's rehired by a school willing to take a chance come this time next year. As for NFL jobs, it seems like Meyer has kissed those goodbye.