UNLV QB Max Gilliam landing in hot water after eating sushi off a naked model on a reality TV show might be the most UNLV thing ever

December 08, 2020

David Becker

Well, here’s one you don’t hear every day . . . unless of course you spend every day keeping up with the news over at UNLV. On Monday night, UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam took to Twitter to apologize for “poor judgement” and, as he characterized it, a “mistake that I will learn from.” Nothing out of the ordinary in today’s day and age, where everyone is always apologizing for something. But here's where things get interesting. Gilliam wasn’t late to practice or arrested for having a few too many red Solo cups of jungle juice. Instead, the Rebels signal caller apologized for appearing on the Bravo reality TV series 'Below Deck' (strike one), getting a little drunk (strike two), and sampling some sushi off a nude model’s body (strike three.)

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Gilliam joined childhood friend Dax Nittolo, some guy named Luke (because of course), and their three girlfriends on the show. Once aboard the fateful yacht, they were served a traditional Nyotaimori feast (the ancient act of eating sushi off a naked body) while the cameras rolled. Reports on Gilliam’s conduct vary. The Review-Journal suggests the chef was dismayed by the group’s immaturity, while the chef herself took to Twitter to defend Gilliam on Monday.

So yeah, like most things on the internet, we’re giving this one a big ol’ shrug emoji. On one hand, yeah, you can’t do this as a D-1 athlete. If you can’t even sell your own autograph for beer money, you definitely can’t go around eating raw fish off naked people while someone films it. You should know that. On the other, it sounds like a typical Saturday night in Vegas to us, and as we all know, you should never, EVER apologize for what happens in Vegas.