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Watch this Texas high school football player/maniac truck stick the ref after ref ejects him

December 04, 2020

On Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, we saw one of the craziest things to ever happen on a high school football field. Less than 24 hours later, something 10 times as batsh-t crazy happened in another high school football game just a few states over. 

The scene: Edinburg, Texas, where Edinburg High School was playing Pharr-San-Juan-Alamo in a play-in game, with the winner advancing to the playoffs. Things took a dark turn in the first half when Edinburg senior and star defensive lineman Emmanuel Duron was ejected, a seemingly brutal blow for the Bobcats. 

Duron had committed a pair of penalties, the first a late hit on the opposing quarterback and the second an unsportsmanlike conduct, which earned him the boot from referee Fred Gracia. What happened next was both shocking and scary, as Duron came sprinting on the field headed straight for Gracia, running him over at the 40-yard line. Here's the video: 

No wonder this dude was ejected. According to The Monitor, Duron was flagged for shoving an opposing lineman to the ground and then attempting to tackle the quarterback after the play had been blown dead. This fit of rage continued with Duron going after Gracia, who had to be evaluated for a concussion after being barreled over.  

Following the scary incident, Duron was escorted by four police officers: 

Quite the scene. Only in Texas.