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Watch this UFC Fighter sing along to Beyonce’s “Halo” after it was mistakenly played as his walk-up music at UFC 255

November 23, 2020

“Crazy Train,” “Hell’s Bells,” “Enter Sandman.” In the halls of the jock jam, pump-up track, and walk-up song, the riff reigns supreme. Sure, things have changed a little bit here in 2020, where sports are a little more cosmopolitan and rock n’ roll deader than a doornail, but still, nothing sets the mood like a wall of Marshall stacks cranked to eleven.

Unfortunately for UFC fighter Mike Perry, he got slightly different musical accompaniment at UFC 255 on Saturday night, when the sound person accidentally played Beyonce’s “Halo” as Perry stalked toward the ring. But instead letting that distract him, he used the moment to his advantage, rolling with the knockout punch in what has to be the sports highlight of the weekend. Hit us with that sweet chorus, Mike.

We honestly have no idea what sort of headspace you have to find before stepping into the octagon to beat on another human for 15 minutes, but something tells us “Halo” ain’t it. Sure, the whole world bows to Beyonce, but it’s not what we would call fighting music. Saturday night only lent credence to that theory, as Perry would go to lose to Tim Means by decision.

Maybe next time try Elton . . .