Getting Jiggy With It

This week's Tour event will have walk-up music for golfers -- with a twist

July 26, 2017

This week's Tour event will have walk-up music for golfers -- with a twist.

The concept of walk-up tunes in golf is fantastic, but instead of music playing when golfers get to the first tee like it does in Major League Baseball when players come to bat, golfers at the Digital Ally Open will have to earn hearing their songs. On Wednesday, Scott Langley shared a form players in the field got in which they can choose their personal tune, which will play during the walk between the tee box and green on the 17th hole. But as you can see in the fine print, you will only get your song played if you're the closest to the pin in your group.

Talk about putting the pressure on.

We also love this line: "If you do not choose a song, or if your choice is deemed inappropriate, a song will be chosen for you." So keep those lyrics G-rated, guys.

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Langley asked for suggestions, and a bunch of tour pros weighed in:

Scott, may we suggest "Getting Jiggy with it"? OK, we'll show ourselves out now. . .

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