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UCF football's most legit claim to a national title involves their celebrating punter

November 02, 2018

UCF football extended the nation's longest winning streak with a 52-40 victory over Temple on Thursday night. The Knights (8-0) are back on the fringes of national title talk despite head coach Scott Frost taking the Nebraska job following last season's undefeated campaign. But when it comes to college football punter celebrations, there will be no settling for claiming a co-championship. Mac Loudermilk is a clear-cut No. 1.

Early in the third quarter and with the Knights clinging to a 35-34 lead, Loudermilk pinned the Owls on their own 3-yard line and then let fly with a beautiful mimicked golf swing and twirl(!) before strutting off the field like he just hit one to tap-in range on TPC Sawgrass' 17th. Check it out:

Nice going, Mac. And fantastic commentary as well. "Was that the 60-degree he had there?" "Well, after the penalty, maybe he went back to the 50." Well said.

Loudermilk (great name) averaged a booming 48.3 average on his three punts on Friday night. The senior has become a special teams weapon for the Knights and he's caught the eye of former NFL punter and celebrity golfer Pat McAfee.

Whether the Knights will earn a spot in the College Football Playoff National Championship (Do they really want to get annihilated by Alabama?) remains to be seen. But if they do, Loudermilk will probably be pretty busy punting in front of a much larger TV audience. He better work on a few more celebrations just in case.