Flip 'Em the Birdie

British Open 2021: Tyrrell Hatton flips off fan after double bogeying 11th hole, is not loving the return of Open galleries

One of the biggest stories of the 2021 Open Championship besides, you know, there even being a 2021 Open Championship, is the return of galleries to the European golf theater. Sure, we’ve seen them back in full force Stateside for months (and on the European Tour in places like Dubai, where people are too rich to get sick), but it’s been a longgggg time since we’ve seen buzzing and, more importantly, boozing galleries at The Open.

While the atmosphere has certainly benefited from the patrons’ presence, it is a double-edged sword for the players. Most are thrilled to have fans to play for and feed off of, but as Tyrrell Hatton found out on Friday, it’s significantly less fun when you’re an Englishman on the cut line trying to save bogey and some troll is running his mouth during your putting stroke. Take it away, Tyrrell.

Ah yes, the classic bird. As iconic and primordial as the rolling dunes of Royal St. George’s themselves. Hatton’s didn’t just leave it at that, however. After he cleaned up for double bogey, he could be seen pointing his putter at the gallery member that drew his ire, while a hot mic captured him up saying “absolute f***ing bollocks.” For our American readers at home, that means he was pissed. Bollocks is like bullsh*t on steroids.

It remains to be seen what the R&A will have to say about Hatton’s little outburst, but something tells us they’ll get the last laugh middle finger, as always.